Transatlantic Eastbound


Last updated: Friday 11 Jan 2019
  Voyage Number / Vessel Name

TE 1901 / Industrial Constant

TE 1902 / Subject to demand

TE 1903 / TBC

TE 1904 / TBC

TE 1905 / Subject to demand

TE 1906 / TBC

TE 1907 / TBC

Newport, RI         30th April (3)    
Freeport, Bahamas         25th April (2)    
Ft Lauderdale / West Palm Beach 20th January 20th February 7th March 7th April   7th May 7th May
Tortola     12th March        
St Thomas       Subject to inducement      
Antigua 25th January 25th February   12th April 20th April (1) 12th May 12th May
Southampton         15th May (4)   24th May
Antwerp/Bremerhaven             26th May
Palma   10th March 26th March 26th April   26th May  
Genoa   12th March 28th March 28th April   28th May  
Split/Marmaris           Subject to inducement  
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